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Best service

I just want to say thank you to Joe Ledo and his company for helping us with our water needs. I originally had another system and we were moving to a new town and I found Joe Ledo online. He happily came and did the removal of our old system and installed it into our new home. Joe is really great with is followup, every year when it's time to change our filters he calls us up and books an appointment with us. He knows we had a busy schedule and like a true professional he took the worry of when to call to change our filters. I referred him to a few friends and clients and as expected I received nothing but great reviews and lots of thanks for referring Joe to them. Now what I'm about to tell you is a little over the top but after thinking about it, it makes so much sense. We once again moved, and it was a much bigger move, about 4 hours away. I called Joe to tell him that I was moving and I was worried that I wouldn't get a good water system in our new house or if there would be any water experts in the area. Joe said no problem I will drive out there and set you up. I said Joe, it's 4 hours away, why would you do that. Joe replied "I just want to make sure my customers have good service and good water, it's important to me." If you asked me today, which company I received the best customer service experience from ever I would have to say Elite Water And Air. Joe loves what he does and it shows. Thank you again Joe Ledo I love meeting people and companies like yours. people and companies that truly care about another peoples well being.

- John

Water softener

Joe and his partner were friendly and knowledgeable. Showed up when expected and was done in a timely manner installing the water softener.

- Michele Lucas

Best service!

Joe came in to our home and installed a water softener and reverse osmosis system. Great service, on time and they left everything nice and clean. The systems work great very happy with them. The price was great. I will recommend Elite Water and Air to all my family and friend 100%.

- John Smith

Amazing customer service, patience, and very knowledgeable!

Amazing customer service, patience, and very knowledgeable! I purchased the Clack Chem water softener and the R/O Vectapure NX 6 stages from Joe, the owner of Elite Water And Air. When I was doing my research, only Joe can answer all my questions (waste water ratio for R/O, the kind of resin used in the media tank, valve port size, backwash time and water usage, etc.) Joe and his team showed up on time and completed the installation within 2 hours with NO mess, cleaned all the area, and took away all garbages. It was a pleasure working with Elite water! The price was very good. Highly recommend them to anyone who needs a good water filtration system.

- Christy Lung

10/10 Would Recommend

They showed up right on time and they knew exactly what they’re doing. It did not take long at all. The price was very good and I would definitely recommend for anybody who needs a holding tank.

- Sharaz

Water Softener

Joe is awesome. Service was excellent. Would definitely recommend this company.

- Darren Goldman

Whole house water system

It was a pleasure working with the Elite water team from start to finish. Everyone was friendly and ready to answer any questions I had. The installation was done quickly and professionally with no mess. Thanks so much I'm looking forward to using my new water system for years to come.

- Nancy Savage

Great service

Always on time, very professional and love their work! Thanks for allowing our family to have the best drinking water.

- Gary Hibbert

Great service

Had just moved into the area and was suspicious my water softener was not working properly. Had never owned a house with water softener before. Joe came to check it out and discovered the problem right away with one of the connections. He fixed on the spot and it works great. We also had him install an RO water system and are very pleased. Definitely would recommend Elite Water and Air for prompt, reliable, and professional service.

- Cesar Arruda

Air purifiers

We bought 2 air purifiers from Danielle. They work amazing and Danielle's customer service was awesome!!

- Suzy DeGasperis

Honest people

I want to thank you again for the service. My wife said you were really nice so thank you. I love dealing with honest people Thanks again buddy.

- Brian Pedro


I am very pleased with the chlorine filter you installed and the service was excellent . All my neighbours knows about you.

- Roland Potvin


Always on time, very professional and love their work! Thanks for allowing our family to have the best drinking water.

- Gary Hibbert

Review of Air purifiers

We bought 2 air purifiers from Danielle. They work amazing and Danielle's customer service was awesome!!

- Suzy DeGasperis

Review of Pressure Tank System

When Joe originally came to fix an error code on my water softener , we had a discussion about solving my water pressure problems in this 1970 house which is supplied by a half inch pipe. For a very reasonable price and excellent installation, as of a today, a new water pressure tank has solved the problem. I will be using Elite in the future!

- Joe the water man


I have two systems, both with iron removal and softening. Joe at Elite Water and Air has replaced both over the past few years, and found flow restrictions in the old systems that were affecting media backwash effectiveness. He knows his stuff and now I won't use anyone else.

- Mike


Joe knows his stuff

- DiFrancesco


We had water systems installed both at home and our cottage. Top notch quality, service and workmanship from Joe and his team. Highly recommended!

- Allan

Great Service

Joe and his team are extremely knowledgeable, reliable and fast! Excellent prices! Highly recommend!

- Jennifer

Great Service

Joe and Danielle are great people. Excellent service and solid prices. do not hesitate to use them. if you call Joe and do not leave a message, he always calls back to see if you need anything, thats a rare thing in todays world.

- John

Products and Service

Joe is awesome and his products are all top notch - highly recommended.

- Dave Elfassy

Product and Service

I had Joe installed both water softener and Water reverse osmosis back in 2013 and they have been working great like a charm. Great reasonable price, delivery on time, prompt with questions, professional and friendly. Ever since, highly recommended a couple new customers. I was amazed with the unique installation method Joe offered. Keep it up Joe.

- Sue

Water system

Excellent service.

- Denise

Products and Service

water is highly chlorinated affecting its taste and the effects on our appliances. We now have good water to drink and we got good service in installing our softener.

- Aletha & Bob

Best value in town

I purchased a new water softener from Elite Water and Air and am satisfied with the product. Joe promptly answered my questions and was diligent with the installation. He's also an all around good guy. Will recommend this company to friends and family.

- Toni

Replaced Resin and Carbon in Water Softener

Joe did a great job replacing the resin and carbon in my water softener. He even redid the programing so it would function optimally. If you have water pressure problems in your home an have a water softener - phone Joe!

- Richard Damecour

RO and Softener Installed

We had our RO and softener installed by Joe a few years ago and we are super happy with it. Initially we had a few questions and he was always available to answer them. Very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend them.

- Laura Alves

Water Softener System - Excellent product and Service

Thank you very much for the installation of the Clack WS1 30,000 grain Water Softener System which is now working like a charm. The price was excellent and delivery was on time and as promised. Service you have provided was excellent and I would recommend to any of my friends if they ever need to replace their system. Thanks again for helping me remove the old system from the premise - very much appreciated. Keep up the good work Joe and will definitely consider the chlorine removal at a later stage.

- Ken Wong

Great Service

We recently had a RO and Softener system installed by Joe. Very impressed with his business. Prices were great and he had our system installed days after ordering. Joe was very professional and answered all our questions. Happy with our purchase and highly recommend Elite Water and Air

- Ashley Osman


I ordered a Reverse osmosis system from Joe for my house as well as a water softener. I was so impressed with the service and installation that we had him install another Reverse osmosis system in our cottage as well as a complete water system for the cottage to ensure we had clean, clear water. We couldn't be happier knowing our family has clean and SAFE water for the entire family and we don't have to lug hug 20 gallon bottles of water up and down the stairs at the cottage anymore. Thanks Joe for everything, especially driving all the way to our cottage to install our water systems!

- Emily Lewis

I ordered a new softener from Joe. The price was the best, delivery was on time, and the system works like a charm. He even helped remove the old one from the premises which wasn't fun. The old brine tank was full of a pillar of salt because it was malfunctioning.

- Ken Greenwood


We had a system put in and Joe was very knowledgeable and courteous . His prices are the best you can find. This company is very reliable and when or if you need service they are very quick at coming out to the house usually in the same day. Love these guys.

- Mary Higgins

Always there to help Whether it be choosing the right system or quetions along the way, they are always there to help. Timely responses and very knowledgeable!

- Liz B

Fantastic 360 NX 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

5 stage reverse osmosis wow your 360 nx5 is amasin tried the water quality at work and it is a game changer . I love my water and when you taste stale water you want to spit it out. well not the 360 nx5 water tastes so clean and pure . warm or cold as ice , i also feel better after knowing all the bad polutents are removed and boy you can taste the differences keep up the great work in making our water pure love what you do how do i get one of these for me..

- Tony Coppola

Great Company

We moved into our house a year ago and the previous owners told us to only use Elite Water and that Joe was fantastic. He did a thorough job and we were very happy with his service. Very courteous and professional. We will definitely be calling again if another problem comes up.

- Tina Kim

Great Products

I have used this company many years. They have supplied several different products for several locations. Always professional and informative. Would highly recommend this company.

- Marilyn Lokker

Suggestion to new customers

I am very pleased with the price and service that this company provided One suggestion I recommend is that when installing water softener do not have your tap water in the kitchen on soft water as you will need that for cooking. If you do have water softener thru-out and have reverse osmosis system I strongly recommend you get 10 to 15 gal reverse osmosis tank instead of the standard 5 gallon tank as you will not have sufficient cooking water if you cook a lot Had I known this before I would left he tap in the kitchen sink on town water or would have insisted on bigger RO tank So now I do not have enough cooking water in lot of times and the bigger tank costs $140 The product is great though but should advise customer on above

- Peter Jovic

Suggestion to new customers

Elite Water and Air has been a pleasure to deal with...they are very professional, quick and accurate service, but best of all, the lowest prices!

- J Botelho


We heard about Joe through Facebook and contacted him in regards to our water treatment system. We put in a whole new system adding that his work is top notch. The system works wonderfully, his prices are spot on, and his customer service is excellent! You won't go wrong contacting Joe for any of your water/plumbing needs.

- Kathy Evans